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Admission from Year 6 to Year 7


Year 6 Primary transition to The Telford Langley School

At The Telford Langley School, we recognise that the move to secondary school is a major and memorable event in a young person’s life.  We aim to make the move from year 6 to year 7 as easy as possible with plenty of helpful information to guide parents and students through, what will be an exciting journey for the students.

Throughout the summer term, Mrs Roberts, our Head of Year 7 and Primary Transition Lead, will work with our feeder primary schools who have students transferring to us. Mrs Roberts will talk with Year 6 teachers to find out all about our new students and will meet with students to provide them with information about our school and what to expect when they join The Telford Langley School.  

Students will also be invited to join us for our Transition Days which are being held on either Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th July or Thursday 8th and Friday 9th July.  Letters have been sent to parents notifying them of the days their child will be attending.  During the visits, students will receive a booklet which will give them an insight into life at The Telford Langley School.  Students will also be given the opportunity to tour the school and participate in lessons. 

On the evening of Thursday 8th July, parents\carers and year 6 students will be invited to attend our Transition Information Evening at 6.30pm which provides an opportunity for parents to meet with Senior Leaders and members of the Pastoral Team.  The evening will include a presentation by Mr Carter and smaller meetings with an opportunity to ask any questions.  You will also receive a pack of information including which academic house your child will be part of so you will be able to purchase the correct colour tie.  

Throughout the first term, pastoral staff and tutors will support our new students through tutor activities. Gradually students will form new friendships and become fully integrated into the life of the school. During the second half term, parents will be invited to a Year 7 Parents evening, where they will have an opportunity to talk to tutors, pastoral leaders and subject teachers.  If you have any questions before the Transition Evening, please email 

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How do I find my way around the school?

You will have a map and your timetable will show which room your lesson will be taught. Staff and students will always be around to help you to find your way around school.

Who will help me if I have a problem at school?

Everybody at The Telford Langley School is helpful and will listen to you if you have a concern. You will be placed in a Tutor Group with a Form Tutor who you will see every day during Tutor Time. You will also belong to a House and will have access to your Head of House, Assistant Head of House and a Student Support Officer. Your subject Teachers will also be happy to answer any questions you might have or deal with any problems. We also have students who act as Peer Mentors, School Prefects and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

Where do we keep our school books and PE kit at school?

You can request a locker to store your books and PE kit.

What are the rules about mobile phones?

You are allowed to have your mobile phone as long as they are switched off during lessons. You can use your phone during break and lunch time. Using your mobile phone during lesson time will result in an after school detention.

What clubs can I attend after school?

The Telford Langley School has a full enrichment programme that you will be able to take part in from rugby and football clubs, to drama club and choir or even web design. There really is something for everyone to become involved in.

Will I get homework?

Yes! There are independent learning projects available on the school website. Teachers will also set a combination of online learning through SAM learning and other activities linked to developing skills, knowledge and understand.

What is a Form Tutor?

A Form Tutor is a teacher in charge of your Tutor Group and will look after you for your 5 years at The Telford Langley School.

What is a detention?

A detention is a sanction you are given for not following the rules. At The Telford Langley school we promote good behaviour and follow a consequence system to manage poor behaviour.

Will I be with my friends?

Teachers form your primary school will advise The Telford Langley School about friendships and where possible we try to keep friends together. However, if you are not with your friends, don’t worry as you will soon make new friends and still see your other friends at break and lunch times and when you’re not in your tutor group.

Will I be allowed to take off my blazer?

Good question! Normally Teachers will have no objection to you taking off your blazer in the classroom, but you have to ask. When walking around school blazers must always be worn. In the summer months, when the weather is hot the Headteacher makes the decision to allow us to take off our blazers and ties.

What will I have for my lunch at school?

The school canteen is open for breakfast before school starts, at break time and at lunch and serves a selection of hot and cold food and snacks.

Where can we eat in school?

You can eat breakfast, break snacks and lunch in the school canteen or outside on the picnic benches.

What equipment will I need to bring to school?

You will need to bring a school bag, as well as a pencil, black or blue pen and a ruler. On days when you have PE, you will also be required to bring your full PE kit into school